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Location Based Aggregated Tour and Accommodation Listings

Technically a very complex application, where Hamish created a Flask-powered API to aggregate data from multiple sources like Wotif and Rezdy. The single codebase ran 20 domains, each site displaying information relevant to the specific visitor.

Full homepage screenshot of is a prime example of a complex application created by Hamish, showcasing his expertise in Python and Wagtail-powered websites. The application connects to tourism and accommodation APIs such as Rezdy and Wotif to aggregate data from multiple sources. To make this happen, Hamish created a Flask-powered API that allows for the seamless integration of these third-party services.

One of the standout features of this application is the fact that it can run multiple domains from a single codebase. Each site displays information that is specific to the visitor, creating a personalised experience for the user. This level of customisation is made possible by the powerful tools used by Hamish in the development of the application.

Of course, an application of this complexity requires expert-level knowledge and attention to detail to ensure that it runs smoothly and is secure from potential vulnerabilities. Hamish was up to the task, ensuring that the website was both secure and reliable for its users.

Overall, is a prime example of the kind of work that Hamish is capable of. From complex web applications to simple WordPress websites, Hamish has the skills and experience needed to bring any project to life.

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